Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pause Button

On Monday I got back from vacation and found a huge pile of stuff on my plate. So much stuff that - especially with school starting - I'm going to have to put something on hold. Unfortunately, it looks like that's going to be my sewing (until I can get rid of something else, anyway). I still need to post pictures of the final Regency undergarments and I'm only half done with my costume backlog, but my next project (a Regency dress) will have to wait. However, I do have lots of things to look forward to when I get started again. On our grand tour of visiting friends and family in Virginia, Eric and I spent some time in Colonial Williamsburg doing the tourist thing and I brought back some goodies from the bookstore.

So many patterns, so little time!


Kay said...

oohhh looks pretty! Or, you know, like it will be once you have time to get around to it.

Free time is so nice... I miss it!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Very cool! You are so lucky you can sew!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth