Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hogwarts Wear

In light of tonight's premiere, here is a look back at the various pieces and outfits I've worn to Harry Potter book and movie releases over the years. Unfortunately, I won't be going tonight at midnight and in costume. It's not really something that one can do alone.
This is the pattern I used to make my wizard's robes
in  2003. They were my first real costuming project.
The first event I went to was the midnight release of Book 5 at a local bookstore with my friend Christine. At the time, I was under the mistaken idea that I was a Ravenclaw and wore my robes with a blue plaid skirt and white button-down. Before the next release (Book 6) I made t-shirts for Christine and myself. 
The front of the shirts I made: I'm in Sirius denial...
Padfoot Lives!
During the previous year I had also found an ankle length size 12 pleated grey linen skirt in the costume storage at my high school theatre department. It came home with me one day, where I took it in and hemmed it into a schoolgirl skirt.

Movie 5 was the next midnight premiere I did with friends. I loaned out my robes and kept it simple with a white button-down and my grey skirt. By this time I had realized I was a Slytherin, but my red hair was somewhat of a Gryffindor I borrowed a tie.
Me, as Lily Evans, prior to the summer 2007
premiere of "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix."
Dueling against Bellatrix Black before the movie.
Later that same summer, I dressed up again for the midnight release of Book 7. This time I loaned out my skirt and decided to get my Death Eater on!
Assaulting innocent muggles in my living room.
The last time I dressed up was for an evening screening of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." I drove 2 hours to be able to go with friends, this time opting to be Ginny Weasley.
Ginny Weasley in 2009
 While I will drive 2-3 hours to go to a costumer party or a midnight release, the distance has gotten a bit too extreme now that I'm in Texas. I was blonde last year, so I contemplated showing up by myself as Luna Lovegood and just walking around really spaced out, but it's not really much fun if you don't have people to go with. In any case, I'll be set next time I need to dress up for a Harry Potter event. Except I should probably break down and buy a Slytherin tie.

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You're absolutely adorable in all of those photos. =)